Who is moving things in academic teaching?

How can know-how be successfully transferred?

What is behind the ideas?

German universities are seeing more and more examples of good practice in academic teaching, teaching methods being developed for specific subjects, university management that focuses on teaching, and qualified university-level didactics. New projects that deal with academic learning and teaching are being initiated, promoted and recognised. In recent years, academic teaching has been attracting substantially more attention.

But what is the true status of academic teaching in the eyes of teaching staff, universities and educational policy-makers? Are students receiving proper support for the learning process? Is the transition from school to university and from university to professional life being accomplished successfully?

It is worth taking a closer look. The Alliance for Academic Teaching focuses on those people who shape university-level teaching, on the concrete environment in which they work, an environment in which ideas are gauged by their actual implementation. Lehren brings together protagonists from different subject areas and universities, puts them at centre stage, follows their activities and reinforces the “community of practice”.

Lehren ist eine Gemeinschaftsinitiative von